HJC Preschool

Principal, HJC Preschool
Judy Rudisaile
Contact the Preschool
(410) 939-3170 Ext 302

Preschool for ages 2-4. The preschool is open for members and non-members. Please contact Miss Judy for further information.

The best place to be

The Preschool provides early childhood education in a unique and nurturing environment. We have been welcoming children from the general community as well as our congregation since 1977. We offer a full preschool curriculum including art, math, music, science, stories and all kinds of preschool play.

Preschool Programs

For 2 year olds:

We offer a fun and supportive introduction to school, classroms and teachers. We provide opportunities for children to learn and play with their classmates. We encourage them with their early steps in all aspects of development.

For 3 year olds:

We offer a positive, developmentally sensitive program that nurtures these young students. We encourage their love for learning by offering activities in all areas of interest. We help them grow to see themselves as students.

For 4 years olds:

We offer a lively, fascinating and fun-filled cirriculum that appeals to a 4 year old's curiosity. We continue to encourage the children emotionally and socially to feel confident in the classroom setting. All academic areas are included in our instruction to best prepare the students for kindergarten.

An extended Lunch Bunch program is offered which offers enrichment activities in science and social studies.