Bylaws 2014

On behalf of the ad hoc committee and the Board of Trustees, we are
submitting a revision to the HJC Constitution.  Over the past several
months, an ad hoc committee lead by Jonas Vogelhut reviewed the document,
made changes, brought it to the board and Kevin Bress – an attorney in our
congregation for review.

Attached you will the proposal of what we are now calling our By Laws.
There are notes regarding the changes in the main document.


Also attached you will find a copy of a ballot with pros and cons for all
of the changes. The pros and cons came from our last board meeting. As a
board we are in favor of all the changes, however we felt it prudent for
you to be aware of the discussions that took place regarding these
changes.  We hope you will carefully consider  what we have brought forth.
Voting begins today by absentee ballot.  The vote will conclude at the May
annual meeting.  Board members will be available at Registration Day to
discuss the various changes.  You are also free to call any member of the
committee to discuss the changes.  The team consisted of Jonas Vogelhut,
Mark Wolkow, Amy Schoenberger and Charna Kinneberg.

Thank you for your attention to this very important matter.

Charna Kinneberg

HJC Constitution 2000

HJC Proposed Bylaws 2014

Ballot Explanation