Dough For Funds Fundraiser

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We are excited to launch Panera’s “Dough for Funds” program to raise money for our Temple!

Here is how it works:

The fundraiser revolves around 2 types of coupon strips.  One strip is a 6 coupon Bagel Strip which features three bagels per coupon.  The other strip that has 6 coupons for a variety of baked goods.

The coupon strips cost $10 per strip (valued at $18 per strip), and Temple Adas Shalom earns 50% of what we sell. 

Here is what makes these strips so great:

  • Great holiday gifts for teachers, hairdressers, sanitation workers, friends, etc…
  • You do not need to make another purchase to use the coupons at Panera.
  • The coupons never expire!
  • Valid only at Maryland Panera locations

The fundraiser will end on November 22, 2019.   Coupons will be sent to us within 7-10 days to distribute.

To place an order please visit our secure ONLINE STORE 

Thank you for your generous support of Temple Adas Shalom!