EARLY LEARNING CENTER DIRECTOR – Part Time Position, available immediately

Posted: April 2021 

Temple Adas Shalom (TAS) is hiring.  We are seeking a motivated, energetic, responsible individual! Come make a difference in the lives of our communities’ children and their families. 


The Early Learning Center (ELC) Director, under the supervision of the Board of Directors (BOD) at TAS, is responsible for providing outstanding professional leadership and management.


Our Center is a popular, innovative and welcoming place for children ages 2 to 4. We were forced to close at the beginning of the pandemic, continuing only with a limited virtual learning component. With a newly renovated facility we are looking forward to re-opening in September. Planning for the opening will be the immediate focus of the new Director. This is a great opportunity to rebuild our ELC for both children in our Temple and the outside community. 


Curriculum and Program

  1. Create and communicate a vision for the ELC.
  2. Ensure  developmentally appropriate curriculum in an environment that maximizes the opportunities for growth and enrichment.
  3. Foster a nurturing and engaging atmosphere that reflects respect and compassion, and is supportive of children, families and staff.
  4. Implement Jewish education components as an integral part of the overall ELC curriculum. (Note: A Jewish staff member is available to assist if the applicant is unfamiliar with these items.)
  5. Demonstrate creativity in developing new programming.

Staff Supervision

  1. Manage all Human Resource functions for ELC staff.
  2. Create opportunities for staff to continue to learn in formal and informal settings with professional growth plans, supporting them on a path to achieve mutually agreed upon goals. 
  3. Ensure that ELC staff are advised of and adhere to the policies and procedures of the ELC and TAS.
  4. Conduct staff satisfaction surveys.  Use the results to improve practices. 


  1. Create partnerships with preschool families. Encourage participation in the ELC committee
    (which acts in an advisory capacity to  the TAS Board.)
  2. Assist/guide children, families, and staff with Jewish holiday celebrations.  Those include weekly Shabbat and other designated Jewish holidays. (Note: A Jewish staff member is available to assist if the applicant is unfamiliar with these items.)
  3. Help recruit families to the ELC through workshops, programming, open houses, and other means, as appropriate.
  4. Consistently treat children with dignity, respect and compassion.
  5. Provide tours to and follow up with prospective families.
  6. Coordinate individual child, classroom, and ELC-wide parent communications.
  7. Conduct parent satisfaction surveys.  Use the results to improve practices.
  8. Manage registration with parents.


  1. Ensure that the ELC meets all child care standards established by the State of Maryland.
  2. Maintain MSDE accreditation for education.
  3. Manage and oversee the budget and accounts and ensure that the Center remains profitable. Report to the TAS Board treasurer, as required.
  4. Ensure the best care and maintenance of the ELC facilities. This includes housekeeping and maintenance with the highest standard of cleanliness and safety.
  5. Develop and implement a marketing and communications plan.
  6. Work closely with the ELC parent committee.
  7. From time to time, participate in TAS projects and assignments outside of the ELC.
  8. Maintain confidentiality.
  9. Other related duties as required or assigned.
  10. Coordinate online content updates, including the website and social media.
  11. Maintain dietary laws of the facility.

TAS Qualifications

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Preferred: A knowledge of Jewish life, traditions and culture. If not, a demonstrated willingness to become familiar with these areas. 

General Maryland Requirements (MSDE COMAR – 13A.16.06.05)
Read Link: http://www.dsd.state.md.us/comar/comarhtml/13a/13a.16.06.05.htm

For more information and to apply for this position, please Contact: Pat Wolkow at  hjcelc@templeadasshalom.org or fill out the below form and submit your resume.

Thank you for your interest.

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