High Holiday Packets & Member Info

Over the last year, more than ever, we have realized how important it is to stay in touch as we have been through quarantine/limited contact and virtual everything for so long.  I know that your time is valuable, but if you could give me 10 minutes (or less) of your time today to fill out this extremely vital form below, your Office Administrator would greatly appreciate it.

As we have in previous years, it is the time where we see how you want us to deliver your High Holiday Packet contents and request any changes/additions/removals to your member for our Member Directory. This year I am also working to update your Membership Files internally with complete data and Communication Preferences on how you how you want to get weekly and monthly information from us.

Some of the member questions I am asking will be new, but we hope that it will give us a better idea of the pieces that might be missing from your member listing or just confirm what we have to be accurate. We would really like to get everyone to update/confirm their member information this year, so we can pass it on to our Membership Committee for the next steps in surveying our Congregation.

We have a few different options on how we can get you the contents of the High Holiday Packet, since some are attending in person, and some will remain virtual. This year we are continuing to push forward with our Green initiative and offer a digital way to get most of the information we enclose to you. If hard copies are your thing, we will offer pick up at services you plan to attend or an alternative pick up/drop off method if you plan to remain 100% virtual.

Member Directory Listings Include:

Member Names
Home Address
Home Phone
Cell Phone
If applicable, we will also include:
Secondary Address
Spouse/Partner Cell Phone
Spouse/Partner Email
Children (Dependent/Under 18)

High Holiday Member Packets Include:

Member Directory (this will not be sent electronically for privacy purposes)
2022 Annual Pledge Form
5782 High Holiday Donation Card
JNF Tab Cards
Mazon Envelopes
Israeli Bond Tab Cards
Other Information from the Board if necessary

***Printed Calendars must be requested in this form.  They are printed on demand in the office and will not be automatically included in member packets.