The Outreach Committee provides programs, resources, and support that address the unique needs of interfaith families, Jews-by-Choice, conversion candidates and those in our community who feel disconnected or under-informed regarding Jewish life and practice both in the home and in the synagogue.

Our Outreach Committee:

• Welcomes interfaith families to take part in synagogue life and to learn more about Judaism, to include all generations affected by intermarriage;

• Welcomes and educates new Jews-by-Choice as well as those investigating Judaism;

• Inspires Jews to engage more fully in the synagogue community, especially those who feel disconnected or distant;

• Invites non-Jewish partners to explore study and understand Judaism, thereby providing an atmosphere of support in which a comfortable relationship with Judaism can be fostered;

• Assists young adults in strengthening their Jewish connection and identity;

• Educates and sensitizes the congregational community to embrace all who seek a place at our Temple;

• Educates and welcomes the geographic community to Temple Adas Shalom.

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