Academic Family Portal

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This page is being developed as a resource hub for our High School and College students, as well as parents of children in school.  We are looking to build a home for our older kids to interact with Temple Adas Shalom and for parents and students find resources that might be helpful for them getting to college or while away in college.

Knowing the locations our students are in and the information that is important to them is paramount in developing this area of our website further.  For now, we are planning to add Jewish scholarship information for our High School students and Hillel locations for our College students. Stay tuned for updates as we expand this area in the coming months.

High Holiday College Care Package Requests

Currently we are looking to get information for our High Holiday Care packages as well as get a good database together for future mailings that may occur over the next year.

Sisterhood will be sending gift cards to all our college students. Wherever they are studying, home or afar, please send us an address for them. Sisterhood hopes they will take a break and enjoy a special treat, on Sisterhood’s tab.

If you have a student you would like to send a little care package to through Sisterhood, please fill out the form below.  It is a conditional form, so if you have more than one child, it will ask and populate fields for you to fill out.

Please complete this information and submit by Sunday, September 5th