Temple Adas Shalom Library

For questions about the TAS library, please contact Jenni Sirkis via our Office here.

The Library Corner

After taking stock of what is currently in the library, I know that I have my work cut out for me. There are many outdated and tired/torn children’s books, and piles of adult fiction and nonfiction books that need to be shelved or weeded. The current table and chairs are oversized and too heavy for children (and most adults). So I have made a wish list of items that are needed, and we welcome donations!

Wish List for Library:


Chairs: Cost–$58.70 (per chair) + $15 (each chair for shipping) (Need 20)
Book Drop Box: Cost– $425 (Broadart)
Small Book Cart: Cost–$275

Additional Needs:

$ Donations for future (book) purchases:
This will include fiction & non-fiction for children and teens, fiction & non-fiction for adults, and reference materials.
$ Donations for Library Signage
$ Donations for new Window Treatments
$ for Easels (Need 60): Cost –$20 per easel (Book easels for shelf display, varying sizes)
$ for Misc Supplies: Book plates, pockets, cards, book stamp, tape for labeling, label supplies, etc, which are consumable and ongoing supplies.


Jenni Sirkis, Library Chair

What’s New in the Library

I want to say a special THANK YOU, to Alan Litwak, for donating two computers, a desk and a printer for the library!

Once the computers are installed into the library, then cataloging software can be added and the process of weeding and shelving can go into high gear. Books will be properly labeled and stamped, complete with pockets and cards, and placed on shelves. Clear signage will be purchased and placed in ideal locations…More next time!!!–Jenni