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High Holiday Machzor Drive:
This year we have an awesome opportunity! As we mentioned in April, we have ordered new High Holiday prayer books – a very exciting event for our congregation. New prayer books are typically ordered once in a generation or two, and we have the privilege of being here for the change.

We encourage every member family to use this opportunity to make a contribution in honor or memory of loved ones and friends. For each $36 contribution, which covers the cost of one two-volume set of books for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, a label will be inserted permanently inside the front cover of a book. Our goal is to cover the complete cost of the 300 sets we have ordered by the High Holidays this year – a total of $9000.

So, whether you want to honor parents, children, other family members, teachers, friends or   anyone else, this is your opportunity. Just complete the form (here) and return it to the office. We’ll be tallying our progress throughout the year.