Dear Sisterhood Members:

Since our schedule of events has been disrupted by the Coronavirus pandemic, we are asking our members to please accommodate us by completing a short survey. Below you will find the Slate of Officers for 2020-2021. We need to vote on the acceptance of this slate before we can consider installing them.


President:  Pat Wolkow
Vice President:  Marcia Buchness
Vice President: Barbara Litofsky
Recording Secretary: Pam Gwaltney
Treasurer:  Denise Gordon
Corresponding Secretaries Coordinator:  Anne Pollin

Corresponding Secretaries
Terri Broemm
Gerri Bronk
Debbie Delaney
Andrea Herrin
Jessica Hurst
Nancy Lever
Paula Mathai
Paula Mullis
Rayna Richardson

In addition, our Sisterhood Shabbat, scheduled for Saturday morning, May 9th, will not occur, unless our membership is willing to attend a virtual service on Zoom. In the past, we have installed our incoming officers at the Sisterhood Shabbat. Thus, the short survey is our attempt to ascertain the desires of the membership. Please respond as soon as possible, NO LATER than April 23rd.

We thank you, in advance, for your assistance during this trying time, and we hope that you are all safe and healthy!

Elise Woods, Marcia Buchness, Pat Wolkow & Denise Gordon

Sisterhood Survey